The worldwide peer-to-peer bitcoin (blockchain technology) markets managed to achieve the biggest trading volume in 2017 December. This should be a reaction to massive price fluctuation. Many investors may be pulling out profits due to bitcoin’s price in markets was hitting the $20,000 USD range. Last week of December managed to handle over $130 million USD worth of bitcoin exchange volume. This was by far the highest volume so far related with bitcoins P2P markets.

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WhatsApp users can now send any file format


One of the most used chatting apps in mobile industry now got a new feature of sending a file of any format to users in a chat. This feature makes WhatsApp a new mobile channel for a one-to-one file sharing.

Before now, it was only possible to share only images and .pdf files within a chat. Today you can send some .doc, .xls, .ppt, .zip, .rar, etc. to your work partners or friends. While the file format you want to send is not limited you should know that file size limit is set to 100MB. Actually, it should be fine to share some work documents and presentations including some audio files. Just do not expect to send and get large 4K video clips for a while.

Worth to know that these file sharing connections can't be named as a secure true peer-to-peer because of Facebook is sitting and operating somewhere in a middle of sender and receiver. Also important to know that there is no approved information about the file sharing connection encryption.

Update your Android WhatsApp app to take these advantages of file sharing in the mobile app. The iOS users should expect the update to roll out soon.